Britney Spears Stalking Jason Trawick

Britney Spears has taken extreme measures to rekindle her romance with ex-beau Jason Trawick.

The handsome bachelor ended his shortlived romance with the erratic pop tart last month — but that hasn’t stopped the 27-year-old mama of two from calling and texting Trawick multiple times a day, begging him to give their love another shot.


“Jason ended it with her because he couldn’t handle being Mr. Britney Spears and all that entails. He really didn’t like living in a fishbowl,” a Spears Snitch spills in the Sept. 14 issue of Star. “She texts and emails him constantly, and she’ll ask him, ‘Don’t you miss me?”

Britney, who dated Jason for four months, has resorted to making pricey purchases in hopes of reuniting with her ex — who still serves as her agent.

“She knows he likes designer jeans, so she sent several pairs of True Religion jeans at $250 a pop! And she sends roses and love notes to his office.”

Friends of the “Circus” star believe Britney is “pretty much obsessed” with Jason — but he’s already been spotted locking lips with another beauty!

“It’s kind of sad, because she’s kind of deluded about this, but she’s used to getting what she wants — and that’s him,” says a pal. “Her dad’s concerned. He’s trying to help Britney accept that her thing with Jason is over for good.”

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