Britney Spears Sex Tapes Stolen

Britney Spears is facing new sex tape shame after thieves raided her LA mansion over the weekend nabbing the singer’s X-rated collection of secret kinky tapes, which may include footage of Britney in a lesbian romp. This is the star’s second sex tape scandal in a week. Earlier this month, In Touch Weekly interviewed a twenty-eight year old Hawaiian man who claimed to have taped a lackluster one-night stand with an unknowing Britney Spears.

The burglars made off with outlandish kinky uniforms Brit used to dress up in for her lover. Photos of her two young sons, Sean and Jayden, were also looted.

“God knows what the burglars made off with,” a Britney friend says in published reports.

“Some people might have gone first for the cash and jewelry, but these guys went first for all Britney’s personal stuff.”

“They seemed to know in the long run this will be worth far more to them, if they can sell it to the highest bidder.”

“Britney is beside herself with worry – having your home broken into is bad enough for anybody, but when you’re famous and you have had some pretty personal things taken, it’s 10 times worse.”

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