Britney Spears Refuses To Hug Fan

In case you were wondering, hugging isn’t in Britney’s contract.

Loose-tongued squeals tell us that pop princess Britney Spears went all shy and reclusive when a rotund fan — who we’ll just call “Clay'” — asked her for a hug during a backstage Meet & Greet before her Femme Fatale show in Vancouver last week.

An authentic “Maybe It Was Something I Said” Moment if we ever saw one!

“I was the first in, so they didn’t tell me we weren’t allowed to ask [for a cuddle]. I asked her and she froze up, she seemed scared. She said ‘Um… erm,,, uhhh,’ and then looked at Larry. He shook his head no,” says a disappointed Clay.

Can you think of a good caption for this pic?

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