Britney Spears Reality Show


Britney Spears wants to take us on a journey of daily trips to Starbucks and aimless drives around Los Angeles. Britney wants her own reality show.

“She believes a reality show is a no-brainer. She can be herself and not have to study lines…Several production companies are interested in a Britney reality show and are willing to pay her millions.”

The proposed reality show would feature the pop star’s day-to-day life, her struggle to make a comeback in the entertainment industry, as well as her interactions with sons Sean and Jayden and ex-husband Kevin Federline.

Backing Britney up are her mom Lynne Spears and former manager Larry Rudolph, who is back on Team Spears since being fired by the pop star in April 2007. Larry is currently pitching the idea of a reality series to several major networks, according to The National Enquirer.

“Larry wants to get Britney back in the game and earning money,” an Enquirer insider reveals

“Britney is really excited about being on TV.” But it seems dad Jamie is anything but thrilled about his troubled daughter chronicling her chaotic lifestyle on national television:

Jamie thinks filming his troubled daughter’s daily life would make it difficult for her to maintain her tenous hold on mental stability and sobriety.


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