Britney Spears Hairstylist Destroys Hair Extensions Before MTV Video Music Awards Performance

After undisclosed whispers of Britney Spears canning her hairstylist just before her unremarkable appearance at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards, celebrity gossip columninst Marc Malkin has confirmed that a nasty spat between a boozing Brit and her professional stylist resulted in the hair maven destroying the pop star’s hair extensions before taking the stage.

According to Marc:

An insider tells me that shortly before Spears was to go onstage at the Palms Hotel & Casino’s Pearl Theater, she had some sort of disagreement with her hairstylist.

And, I’m told, said hair guru quit on the spot. But before leaving, my source reports, the disgruntled stylist cut up all of the extensions Spears was planning on wearing for her big number.

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