Britney Spears Eating Disorder Since Early Teens

A former backup dancer for Britney Spears now claims the one-time teen sensation has suffered a crippling eating disorder since her early teens. Last week’s edition of OK! Weekly raised claims that the mother of two is anorexic.

“Growing up in the entertainment industry, Britney was always very aware of how important image is,” a dancer who worked with Spears when she hit the big time at just age 16 told “She established her fame on that famous little figure and would most days do over 1,000 sit-ups.”

Brit would apparently guzzle gallons of Coke and polish off bags of Doritos, then “totally freak out” and drop to the ground to do more crunches, according to the Fox report.

“Her ‘hot body’ was the marketing point at the height of her success,” an expert on eating and exercise disorders explains to Fox. “This became her identity and it seems as though Spears is in denial that she is no longer that teeny tiny teen. In her head she is still super slim and sexy, which explains her demand to wear a very skimpy outfit at the VMAs. But when reality does catch up with the sufferer, they suddenly feel like they are living a nightmare and emotions run out of control.”

Another insider claims Brit went through a stint of “stunt-eating” after her release from Malibu’s Promises Rehab in March.

“Brit lost quite a lot of weight while she was at Promises,” said spywitness. “When she came out she was planning her comeback tour at the House of Blues and really wanted to get back to the girl she was. But on top of taking lots of dance classes, Britney was barely eating. … ”

Brit is now claimed to be using an asthma inhaler to suppress her apetitite.

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