Britney Spears Demands Kevin Federline Vasectomy

Britney Spears is begging her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, to have a vasectomy because she doesn’t want the father of four having children with any other women. “She doesn’t want the money she gives Kevin to help support a child he might have with Nicole or anyone else,” a tabloid snitch dished.

A National Enquirer insider reveals:

“After all that’s happened, Britney still wants to get back with Kevin-and she certainly doesn’t want him having any more children with anyone else.”

“Britney even offered to pay for the vasectomy and promised to get her tubes tied if Kevin agreed to it: She told him: ‘You have four. You don’t need any more. Please think about it.”

“Kevin won’t get a vasectomy but thinks it’s a great idea for Britney to get her tubes tied. He told her: ‘Hell no! No one is snipping me! He wants more Federlines.”

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