Britney Spears Dating Chase Benz Despite Disapproving Mom

Britney Spears has been dating Chase Benz, a backup dancer on her sold-out Circus Tour, for more than three weeks, but the pop queen has her work cut out for her if she hopes to win over her new boyfriend’s straightlaced mother.

Speaking from the family’s home in Tennessee, Diane Benz told Britain’s Daily Mirror that she disapproves of her son’s romance with Spears –mainly because the 21-year-old mama’s boy is still dating his childhood sweetheart.

A celebrity informant says: “Britney was all over Chase from the word go. He was determined to keep things professional but Britney has been making it difficult by being extremely suggestive. Chase has been dating Tessa, his childhood sweetheart, for over three years and she is livid about the reports… as is Chase’s mom. Diane has ordered him to stay away from Britney and made it clear she’s not welcome in the family home.”

Diane said in a recent interview with The Mirror: “Chase has already got a girlfriend. Her name is Tessa Campbell and she is a fantastic girl. Chase comes back to Tennessee whenever he can to see her.”

“They’ve been going out for three years – she’s the same age and they are great together. She’s so sweet.”

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