Britney Spears Cuts Mom Out Of Her Will, Lynne Spears Sides With K-Fed On Custody

Tabloid tattles claim that contrary to previous reports, private area advertising Britney Spears has not reconciled with her estranged mom Lynne, and it making preparations to cut the older Ms. Spears out of her will. Over the weekend, Britney, not so baby sis Jamie Lynn, and their mother reportedly had a meeting at a home in Bel Air. Everyone seemed happy as they piled into Brit’s old Range Rover an hour later.

It all started back in February when Lynne tossed Brit in rehab. “Say goodbye, mama, because this is the last time you’ll ever speak to me,” the singer is quoted to have told her mother.

Lynne Spears hoped to reconcile with her daughter at a Beverly Hills party on June 10th, according to Life & Style. Brit didn’t know her mom would be there. And “she froze when she saw Lynne,” an insider says. “Brit was cordial, but you could’ve cut the tension with a knife.”

Lynne only gets to see her grandboys when Kevin Federline brings them to see her. Lynne keeps siding with her daughter’s estranged husband on issues of custody.

“The Spears family loves Kevin; he lets them see the babies whenever he has them,” according to a Spears mole. A “pal” also said, “Brit’s paranoid that her mom and Kevin are working to take the kids away from her.”

Britney recently contacted a lawyer to cut her mother out of her will.

“Lynne is more hurt than anything. She feels she sacrificed everything for Britney.”

Lynne Spears is this week’s US Magazine coverstory. The stage mother tells the tab:

“Britney Jean Spears is the sweetest and the most sensitive and loving of all my children. She’s just figuring things out.”

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