Britney Spears ‘Blackout’ Promo Tour A No-Go

We’ve already heard about Jive Records’ shelved plans to get Britney Spears boarding a bus in preparation for a previously planned ‘Blackout’ Tour, but did you know the ‘Gimme More’ entertainer has refused to engage in promotion of any kind for her fifth studio release, ‘Blackout,’ which dropped in stores on Tuesday.

According to the NY Daily News:

The singer’s label has officially given up on getting the troubled pop tart more involved in marketing her own album, “Blackout,” sources tell us.

There are no plans for a tour, for example – highly unusual for a star who once cranked out hits like widgets and is riding high on the charts with her single “Gimme More.”

“They can’t get Britney to do anything!” said a source close to the label and Spears. “They did get her to do one photo-shoot for some promotional materials, but beyond that, they can’t trust her to even show up. This album could’ve been so much bigger with Britney involved.

“This is the one opportunity they have to try and sell a million records. They were forced to [go on with] their marketing plan” — without her.

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