Britney Spears, Backup Dancer Dating; Spears Bathroom Quickie With Employee


Is Britney doing one of her backup dancers? Somebody alert Papa Spears!

Britney Spears reportedly shared a seven-to-nine minute quickie with a dancer on her “Circus Tour” in a public bathroom during an after party in Montreal last week.

An unidentified fan claims to have seen Britney kissing and sharing “intimate bathroom moments” with one of her dancers, according to X17Online.

“I went to brits show the other night and totally amazed at how well put it was. So I went to this after-party at this club called Tribe. Paid 200 bucks to get in and hang in VIP. Brit was in the house. Her and her crew of about ten was in a corner booth. It was really crowded. Brit got up and danced when the DJ played ”Slave 4 U,'” says the tipster.

The fan adds: “When she got ready to sit back down there were no seats so she sat on this cute dancers lap. After a while of whispering back and forth they kissed a little….About 20 min after that they went to the bathroom..together…2 big guys stood by the door and wouldn’t let anybody in. Then all of a sudden 7 or 9 minutes later brit and the guy came out. Crazy!!!”

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