Britney Spears And Sons Photos OK! Magazine: Britney Spears Sells Family Photos To OK! Magazine

Britney Spears has no plans to sue photographer Dani Brubaker for selling family potraits of her with her sons to OK! Magazine, because it was the pop star herself who brokered the deal! According to a scoop from MSNBC: Britney Spears is responsible for the publication of the “personal” photos of her and her kids that have found their way into the pages of OK! Magazine for two weeks running. The photos, which are beautiful, were rumored to have been sold to the mag by photographer Dani Brubaker, but a source familiar with Spears’ negotiations says that is not true.

“That’s absolutely made up, there is no lawsuit,” according to MSNBC . “In fact, Britney loves all of this. Look how gorgeous she looks.”

“She’s a savvy fox. The week she loses her kids, these pictures that were taken months ago suddenly show up. It’s brilliant. She knew what was going to happen (with that custody hearing) and how she’d fight back.”

Thanks Lynn!

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