Britney Spears Adnan Ghalib Islamic Wedding; Britney Spears Muslim Attire For Adnan Ghalib Wedding

Britney Spears will be ordered to cover her face with a veil and wear a full-length Islamic dress when she weds her British boyfriend. The pop star is heavily rumored to be planning marriage Number Three to Muslim Adnan Ghalib in hopes that she will be able to win back custody of her two sons. She has told friends she plans to wear a burka, or even a naqib, which leaves only the eyes visible.

But the only way Brummie cameraman Adnan’s strictly religious family will accept her is if she converts to the Islamic faith:

A pal of Ghalib says: “Adnan’s mother and father are very religious and go to the mosque every day. They are strict when it comes to their religion and I doubt they would ever accept a non-Muslim into the family.”

“She is really keen to do it.”

“It would be a mark of respect to Adnan and his family, and it would give her the anonymity she’s craving.”

“Adnan’s Muslim beliefs could be Britney’s savior.”

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