Bristol Palin Fires Back Over Margaret Cho’s “Dancing” Claims

Don’t mess with Alaska: It seems like only yesterday that Bristol Palin lit into MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann for branding her the “Worst Person in the World” on his political show Countdown (Wait — that was only yesterday!) Now the First Daughter of Conservatism is reading frenemy Margaret Cho the Riot Act after the gabby funny gal set the web on its ear last week with an explosive blog, which claimed that Bristol was “forced” into competing on the last season of Dancing With the Stars by Mama Bear Sarah Palin.

Well, Bristol (Who, by the way, finished third during her run on Dancing…)sn’t going to take that kind of talk laying down. The teen mom-turned-abstinence blasted Cho is a sometimes scathing entry to her Facebook blog on Saturday. And, of course, no essay penned by a card-carrying conservative is complete without at least one gay barb.

It’s the Palin Way.

“Sarah supposedly blames Bristol harshly and openly (in the circles that I heard it from) for not winning the [2008] election,” Margaret wrote in a blog titled “Pistol Whipped,” posted on her personal website on Nov. 29. “So she told Bristol she ‘owed’ it to her to do ‘DWTS’ so that ‘America would fall in love with her again’ and make it possible for Sarah Palin to run in 2012 with America behind her all the way.”

Bristol hit back at Margaret’s claims via today’s open letter, calling her former friend’s dish nothing more than “hurtful and false narrative that people promote” to make her famous mother “look bad.”

“I will give my friend credit for creativity, and extra points for getting so many ‘facts’ wrong in so few sentences. Let me be blunt: my mom did not ‘force’ me to go on ‘DWTS.’ She did not ask me either. The show approached me. I thought about it. I made the decision,” Bristol wrote, adding that she is setting “the record straight” out of respect for her mother. “For 20 years my mom had my back–and for the rest of my life I will have hers.”

Before closing out, Bristol coldly invited her “friend” to give her a call, and took a stab at the openly-bisexual Cho’s frequent support of the LGBT community.

“If you ever have a question, call me, girlfriend,” Bristol wrote. “You say you ‘don’t agree with the family’s politics at all’ but I say, if you understood that common sense conservative values supports the right of individuals like you, like all of us…You would embrace us faster than KD Lang at an Indigo Girls concert.”

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