Bristol Palin “Secret Life Of The American Teenager” Sneak Peek [VIDEO]

Every once and a while, a trailer comes along that really allows viewers to smell the stink before the credits even start rolling. Hot off the presses, here’s a sneak peek at real-life teen mom Bristol Palin playing one in her acting debut on Secret Life of an American Teenager.

We can any already see the Emmy nominations just rolling in. We haven’t seen anything this wooden and plastic since Lil Kim decided to compete on Dancing With The Stars.

Gurl bye!

Bristol, the 19-year-old daughter of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, has spent the past several months starring in PSAs promoting teen abstinence. Between that and caring for son Tripp, America’s Most Famous Single Mom found time to shoot an episode of the ABC Family drama.

Set your DVRs, Bristol joins the Secret Life on Monday, July 5.

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