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Brian Williams You’re Forgiven….You Hope.


One would think the uncomfortable feeling that Brian William’s suffered seeing his daughter being “motorbutted “on the HBO series Girls would be the low point of his year. Sadly his humiliation had just begun. In the weeks that followed his daughter Allison had her seat eaten by her co-star on the series, Williams has been outted for lying. He claimed to have been on a military helicopter in 2003 that had been shot down in Iraq.



It wasn’t longer after that initial lie came to light that Williams was caught in yet another one. As his credibility came into question, people and experts started questioning his claim to contracted dysentery the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans along with his claim that he witnessed dead bodies float by the hotel he was staying at while he was covering the story there.
According to records, there were no reported cases of dysentery after Hurricane Katrina and the hotel where he was staying at had not been affected by flooding. The New York Post is currently questioning another one of Williams’ stories. This time the story called into question took place in Israel in 2006. The New York Post are claiming that there are some major differences between Williams’ original account of his visit to the Middle East in a war torn area and his account of the events that he repeated years later.


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“There were Katyusha rockets flying just underneath the helicopter I was riding in,” Williams recalled in a 2007 interview. The differences are that both his earlier blogs post for NBC, and his interview with Jon Stewart from The Daily Show, Williams stated that the rocket fire never came within a quarter-mile of his helicopter.
.America’s most respected news anchor has currently been suspended after his lies were exposed
Williams temporarily stepped down from the NBC News after admitting he fabricated the 2003 Iraq story but as new accusation of his falsehoods come to light his employers have launched an investigation.

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