Bret Michaels Denies Affair With Tish Cyrus

Read His Lips: Bret Michaels did not have an affair with Tish Cyrus.

The walking medical phenomenon dropped by FOX News’ FOX & Friends on Tuesday to promote his latest reality venture with VH1 — Life As We Know It. Instead, the Poison glam rocker ended up defending himself against loud ramblings romantically-linking him to the soon-to-be divorced mother of teen superstar Miley Cyrus.

Rumors of an illicit entanglement between Bret and Tish have been brewing ever since country star Billy Ray Cyrus petitioned a court to end his 17-year marriage to Tish last month.

“I’ve been friends with their family forever,” Michaels explained. Bret has been close Cyruses and their five children ever since he and Miley teamed for Bret’s song, “Nothing to Lose.”

Bret, however, insist he and Tish are not that close.

“It started out with me and Miley simply working on a song together. Her mom, Tish, likes ‘Every Rose Has Its Thorn,’ the first concert Miley ever saw was Poison, and so they wanted to remake it for the new record. When I was in the studio, Miley came in and sang on my song, a song I wrote for my album ‘Custom Built,’ and she came over and sang on that and honestly, she did a beautiful job, and that was it. Then they started with all the controversy.”

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