Bret Michaels Condition “Deteriorating”

Drats! We were so hoping to have some promising news to report on Bret Michaels’ condition after Extra TV’s interview with the rocker’s seemingly upbeat dad early Tuesday.

Sadly, it seems the Poison star and Celebrity Apprentice contestant may have taken a turn for the worst. Bret will soon be undergoing surgery to relieve swelling around his brain, a family insider spilled to television newsmagazine Entertainment Tonight.

“His condition is said to be deteriorating following a massive hemorrhage he suffered last Thursday,” the site writes.

A rep for the site has also stepped forward to deny reports that the rocker died.

“There’s a rumor out there that Bret passed. It isn’t true,” says the rep.

In the meantime, speculation continues to mount that Bret’s potentially-fatal aneurysm may have been triggered by his recent appendectomy or the injury he suffered after being struck in the head by a prop at the 2009 Tony Awards last June.

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