Bravo Kathy Griffin Salary Dispute “My Life On The D-List”

Comedienne Kathy Griffin is considering taking her Emmy-winning reality series, My Life on the D-List, to another network due to a salary dispute with present parent network Bravo.

Kathy believes her upgrade from certified D-lister to entertainment force to be reckoned with should result in a larger payday from execs at Bravo. So far, her requests for more money seem to be falling on deaf ears.

”You’d think that having won a second freakin’ Emmy would entitle me to a few more bucks. … Hey, I’m just looking for tens more dollars from Bravo,” Kathy complained in a telephone interview with the Chicago Sun-Times earlier this week.

”I am talking to another [broadcast] network and a cable network, so we’ll see,” she added.

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