Brandi Mahon Nude Pictures

Brandi Mahon posed for nude photos

It turns out Rock of Love: Charm School winner Brandi Mahon has something in common with her Playboy posing contestant friend Megan Hauserman: nude pictures in her background.

Apparently, Brandi Mahon is “Pamela” from a low budget porn site called VH1 sure knows how to pick ladies with class, but then again I’m not sure what other type of girl would try out for a show like Rock of Love anyway. I’m sure Brandi isn’t too heartbroken about her secret past coming to light, she’s already got her $100k in cash from winning the newest Rock of Love.

In a couple of weeks there will be a VH1 Rock of Love reunion special, might be interesting to see if they ask Brandi Mahon to dish on her porn star past.

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