Brad Pitt’s Gas Grosses Out Angie

Even the farts of the world’s hunkiest man doesn’t smell like roses. Brad Pitt is testing the limits of his relationship with baby mama Angelina Jolie… by stinking her out of bed with his almighty butt gas!

We don’t make this stuff up, folks….

The hunky actor has reportedly been making a new artichoke-infused cocktail that makes him fart like crazy. Too bad for Angelina that he doesn’t seem to care that his stink is literally driving his woman out of bed, insiders tell The National Enquirer.

“Brad has always had a passion for homemade cocktails, and takes a lot of pride in coming up with new and unique recipes,” one source told the envelope-pushing rag.

A second source chimed in: “Brad gets some nasty gas from consuming so many artichokes, and it’s driving poor Angelina crazy. It’s gotten so bad that Angie sometimes sleeps in a separate bedroom!”

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