Brad Pitt No Contact Clause — Interviewers No Longer Allowed To Touch Brad Pitt

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Some people just mess it up for everyone….

Brad Pitt has added a no physical contact clause to his existing publicity contract, prohibiting interviewers from touching him during chats — and it’s all thanks to Ann “Good Morning, Good Morning” Curry of NBC’s The TODAY Show.

Ann raised the eyebrows of a many a viewer on TODAY’s May 20 broadcast after she unexpectedly squeezed Brad’s face during a Cannes Film Festival promo interview for the World Premiere of his new WWII drama, Inglourious Basterds.

(Sidebar: Can you blame her?)

Well, Brad’s had it with grabby interviewers. From here on out, any journalist who wants to sit down with one of Hollywood’s hunkiest dads will have to first agree to keep their paws off the pretty boy.

“He’s tired of being poked and prodded like a piece of meat,” a source tells Star. “From now on, if you want to talk to Brad, you’ll have to keep your hands to yourself. Or risk getting sued!”

We wonder if this no-contact clause includes handshakes…

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