Brad Pitt Mom Angry Over Angelina Jolie Drug Use

Angelina Jolie’s almost-mother-in-law, Jane Pitt, is very heated over the actress’ recent boasts of drug use. Angelina recently admitted she had gone to Disneyland on LSD and had ‘done just about every drug possible.’

“Jane was livid after she saw Angelina’s drug quotes – and she really let Angie have it when they were on the phone together shortly after,” an insider spills to Star Magazine.

“Jane told Angie there was nothing to gain from rehashing her drug use, and that she has a lot more to think about than herself – she should have considered her children and family first.”

“Jane scolded Angie, saying that some things should be kept personal and that her seemingly unending public admissions made it look as if she had no class – and that some people might even consider her ‘trailer trash.”

Angelina apologized, saying she never meant for the interview to create tension.

“Then she handed the phone to Brad. He agreed that Angie’s latest admission was uncalled for – but he also told his mom that maybe she was being a little too hard on her.”

“Brad reminded his mother how far Angie has come from her wild days, and that this blowup was only going to set their relationship back.”

“Jane and Angie have never really been on the best of terms,” the insider added.

“Jane has criticized her in the past for not being enough of a ‘hands-on’ mum and her continued close relationship with Jennifer Aniston has caused Angie grief.”

“Between Angie’s tattoos, bisexuality and drug use, there’s always been a part of Jane that’s wondered why her son Brad ever got involved with a woman like her.”

“And frankly, I think Brad is getting tired of being caught in the middle between his lover and his mom.”

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