Brad & Angelina Oscars 2010 Public Comeback Will Dispel Split Reports

The tabloids are practically crapping their pants with outlandish tales of how the Black Widow that is Jennifer Aniston slithered Brangelina’s World like the Devil Reincarnated to sink her claws into her former husband. Despite the fact that most of America isn’t buying reports that the Sun has finally set for Hollywood’s Golden Couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are plotting to shut up “gossipers” who say they have broken up by making a public appearance together at the 2010 Oscars this March.

An insider close to the pair tells The Sun that Brand and Ange are busy color coordinating the tux and gown they’ll wear on Hollywood’s biggest night. ‘

“Angelina and Brad are still very much together. They’re even in the process of planning out their Oscar outfits – Brad didn’t want to clash with Angelina, who’s putting some serious thought into her choices…..”

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