Boston Celtics’ Jae Crowder Is Not Intimidated By Any Member Of The Cavs

Photo via Facebook

Photo via Facebook

The Boston Celtics unsung hero in recent games, Jae Crowder, has some pretty bold words to say about the Cleveland Cavaliers. He is not afraid to show how tough he is on or off the court and wants everyone to know that the Cavs do not intimidate him.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have been trying to make a case as the best team in the NBA and they certainly have the best player in the NBA with Lebron James, who recently took a break from social media in order to fully focus on advancing through the playoffs to another NBA title.

James is joined by All-Stars Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, among others, but somehow Crowder does not seem to be impressed. Whether the rest of the Celtics feel the same way is unclear, but to many people’s surprise, they have kept both games close.

He was asked about Mozgov directly given that he is over 7 feet tall and could intimidate just about anyone in the world, but not only is he not intimidated by him, but he doesn’t think anyone is. Really, not even Lebron?

Anyone would likely feel intimidated when taking on the daunting task of guarding Lebron James, which Jae Crowder has had to do throughout the series. Despite lacking an intimidation factor with the younger player, Crowder did at least say that it has been one of his biggest challenges.

It is probably hard to imagine where Crowder is coming from until you realize that James has shot just 3-of-10 when Crowder is his closest defender over the first two games, and perhaps his stats will be even worse when the Celtics play on their home court.

The Celtics are the number 7 seed in the Eastern Conference and matched up against the Cavs, a match-up that probably no one expects them to win. However, they have kept it one of the closest series of all 8 series’ in the playoffs and the Celtics nearly won both games before comebacks from the Cavs.

The Boston Celtics will host the Cavs for game 3 of the best of 7 series on Thursday at 7 p.m. They are currently down 2-0 in the series, along with just about everyone else in league, but they aim to win with home court advantage tonight.

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