Bobbi Kristina Brown Is Brain Dead And Unresponsive


Bobbi Kristina Brown has been moved to a rehab facility, but she is brain dead and completely unresponsive, according to a new report from RadarOnline. Naturally, her family was hoping for the best with her condition, but sources close to the situation say that nothing has changed.

She entered into the hospital on January 31st and this is the second time she has been moved. First, she was moved to Emory University Hospital where doctors reportedly told her family that there wasn’t any hope. Since, she has been moved to an undisclosed rehab facility. What’s worse is that her move to the rehab center doesn’t actually mean that she is improving – in fact, it is just the opposite.

A source close to the situation revealed, “There is no improvement in Bobbi Kristina’s health. She was moved from the hospital to the rehab place because of hospital policy.”

We can only guess that Bobby Brown and his family wanted to continue to prolong her life for as long as humanly possible despite her lack of brain activity. He is said to be struggling to decide whether or not to pull the plug on her life support, but the doctors have been nothing but grim.

The Brown and Houston families have both asked for friends and fans alike to say a prayer for Bobbi Kristina Brown’s condition to improve. An inside source said, “The whole family is really hoping for a miracle but it is bleak.”

Her boyfriend Nick Gordon has begged and pleaded to visit with Brown while she is hospitalized, but has yet be accommodated. According to reports, Gordon was denied entry into the hospital because he was keeping vital information away from her family and the authorities so they could determine what happened to her on the day of her hospitalization.

TELL US: Do you think being kept alive is what Bobbi Kristina Brown would’ve wanted – especially if she is brain dead?

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