Bob Griese Nascar Comment


Bob Griese had something of a senior moment today during today’s Ohio State – Minnesota college football game that was broadcast on ESPN when he made a somewhat racist comment about NASCAR driver Juan Pablo Montoya (who isn’t even Mexican – he’s in fact Columbian):

Chris Spielman (during a promo for the Martinsville NASCAR event): “Where’s Montoya?”
Bob Griese: “He’s out having a taco.”

Griese apologized later in the game, saying “Juan Pablo Montoya is one of the best drivers in NASCAR. I just want to apologize for the comment I made earlier in the ballgame.”

He later apologized again for his out of bounds NASCAR comment during the Florida – Mississippi State game, saying “Earlier today on our game I made an offensive comment regarding Juan Pablo Montoya as part of a NASCAR promo.It was regrettable and I should not have said it. I really enjoy NASCAR and I follow it closely and would like to take this opportunity to apologize to Juan, NASCAR and everyone else who heard my comment.”

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Do you think Griese should be reprimanded, or is this getting blown out of proportion?