Blonde Amy Winehouse Drug Test U.S Visa; Amy Winehouse Must Pass Drug Test To Obtain U.S Visa For 2008 Grammy Awards

Six time 2008 Grammy Award nominee Amy Winehouse will not be making her rumored performance at the February 10th ceremony unless she can pass a drug test. U.S officials have demanded that in order to obtain a visa and enter the States for the Los Angeles ceremony, Amy must take a drug test to prove she is clean.

“Amy’s been told she needs to pass a drug test before she can get a visa. “She is doing much better and has cut down her drug use but is still isn’t clean. Her recent holiday in Mustique was about cleaning up and it did help. But it is hard to believe there will be a time before going to the U.S. that she could pass the test. Her team are desperate to clean her up as the Grammys is such a big deal. But Amy’s not so bothered.”

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