Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Are Going To Have A Baby!


Blake Lively and husband Ryan Reynolds are gonna have a baby!

The 27-year-old Gossip Girl actress made the announcement via her website, Preserve, within a story titled Preserve Celebrations: Falling for Family.” 

The article is dedicated to expectant mothers and the celebration of those women bringing life into the world. It reads,

“Preserve at its core is about family. Family is the single word our founder, Blake built this home on. We have something for men, for women, for the old, but we realized, we don’t have anything for the new. With family on our mind, we looked to the origin of it all — to the women in our lives who are right there, at that special moment; at the creation of family.”

The letter ended with: “Congratulations to all the expecting mothers out there. And thank you for being a part of our Preserve family.”

There are photos of pregnant women celebrating at an outdoor party and along side of it is a photo of Lively cradling her belly, taken by her brother, Eric.


A source tells PEOPLE, “They are absolutely ecstatic, and just so ready for this. It is the perfect time in their lives to start this new chapter; they are so in love and are going to be amazing parents.”


Lively is “safely out of her first trimester, and the pregnancy has gone really smoothly for her so far,” the source adds. “She’s enjoyed every minute of it.”

Lively hasn’t been shy about revealing how much she wants kids. Just after tying the knot with Reynolds, in September 2012, she told Allure, “I’ve always wanted a big family. Oh, I’d love 30 [children] if I could.” Then in August she told Marie Claire, “If I could spit out a litter of kids, I would.”


Well here’s to you Blake and Ryan and your little one to be and all the rest to come.

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