Blake Lively Naked! “Gossip Girl” Starlet Shamed In Nude Photo Scandal

It isn’t summer until the stars have been left shamefaced! This year, it’s Gossip Girl stunner Blake Lively who’s joining Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Greene, Hayley Williams and Kim Kardashian as the latest budding star caught with her pants down and her panties off in a humiliating sex scandal.

What would Leo think?

On Tuesday, five uncensored snaps of the formely clean-cut Lively posing completely nude in front of a bathroom mirror drifted away from the “safety” an Apple iPhone and hit the Interwebs with a splat. The pics first popped up on image hosting site ImageShack and have spread like nudie wildfire. Apparently, Blake’s reached a pivotal milestone in her transition from bubbly Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants actress to doe-eyed big screen sex symbol.

It’s a little period we like to call “The Slut Years.”

The tousled hair, perfect features, and supposedly less-than-natural bust are all there, but do you think the lusty blonde featured in the nude pics is really Blake? Could we be looking at a bare-chested doppleganger? Channeling her inner pin-up girl isn’t the kind of behavior fans are used to seeing from the rising star, who won rave reviews for her portrayal of a doped-out single mom in Ben Affleck’s motion picture drama The Town. It was only last year that the leggy blonde, who also juggles duties as a Chanel spokesmodel, slammed reports that she would be stripping down to her birthday suit for an appearance on the pages of Playboy Magazine.

Goss Watchers can’t stop buzzing about Blake’s Nude Photo Scandal. “How did the images find their way online?” they ask. “Did the 23-year-old take the pics for ex-beau Penn Badgley or rumored new man, actor Leonardo DiCaprio?” others want to know. For now, Blake’s people aren’t talking. But we’ll likely hear the starlet’s side of the story in the weeks to come. Lively is scheduled to hit the promo track, making appearances on a host of television talk shows, to chat up the June release of her new superhero blockbuster, The Green Lantern, also starring Ryan Reynolds.

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