Kim Kardashian Most-Searched Celebrity Of 2010

Socialite and reality personality Kim Kardashian was the most popular search term on Microsoft’s Bing search engine in 2010, edging out scandal-stained celebs Sandra Bullock and Tiger Woods, who rounded out the Top 3, Microsoft said Tuesday.

In a year when politics dominated national news and acts like Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga were tops on the pop scene, Bing searches couldn’t get enough of the buxom Armenian, who turned a celebrity sex tape into a multimillon-dollar empire. The mogul-in-the-making, who stars with her famous family on the E! docu-soap Keeping Up With the Kardashians, received 20 percent more searches than the Microsoft-powered search directory’s second most popular term, Bullock.

According to Bing, 2009’s top searched term, Michael Jackson, dropped to the No. 11 position for most popular people in 2010.

Bing still represents only 11.5 percent of US Internet searches – Google remains tops, attributing for 66 percent of all online searches.

According to Microsoft,’s overall Most Popular Search Terms of 2010 were:

1.) Kim Kardashian

2.) Sandra Bullock

3.) Tiger Woods

4.) Lady Gaga

5.) Barack Obama.

6.) Hairstyles

7.) Kate Gosselin

8.) Walmart

9.) Justin Bieber

10.) Free

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