Billy Ray Cyrus Defends Patrick Schwarzenegger Over Spring Break Photos

I’m pretty sure that Patrick Schwarzenegger could’ve banged every chick under the sun while on Spring Break and Miley Cyrus’ father would’ve defended him. Schwarzenegger and Cyrus haven’t dated for that long, but one would have expected him not to be so brazen with regard to doing body shots off of chicks and then hanging out with his ex-girlfriend.

When the pictures came out of Patrick Schwarzenegger’s Spring Break shenanigans, a lot of people were expecting for Miley Cyrus to cut any and all ties with him and keep on truckin’. He came back from his Mexican vacation and it appears that all is well between the two young love birds. They went out to dinner together and were said to be super affectionate as always. Where is the outrage?!

Apparently there is absolutely no outrage except from Cyrus’ insanely huge fan base who have reportedly threatened to kill Schwarzenegger. After his gallivanting made headlines last week, Miley Cyrus’ father Billy Ray Cyrus is speaking out in the Kennedy descendant’s defense.

When stopped by a reporter, the elder Cyrus said, “He had fun. He’s a good boy.”

Despite that, when he got off of his flight from Cabo, it looked like he was particularly worried about the state of his relationship with the pop singer. He really wanted to see his girlfriend “in person” so that he could explain the situation to her face-to-face. Still, a source close to Cyrus said that “she is not happy with him” and made it clear that he is on probation with her because of the racy pictures that were posted online.

I am still of the mind that she should have dumped him when he was leaning over another girl doing body shots off of her nether regions.

TELL US: Should she have dumped him or was she wise to give him another chance?

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