Bill Murray Jumps Out Of A Cake To Say Goodbye To David Letterman [Watch]


Bill Murray is not just a great actor, but also an incredibly popular icon in the pop culture world. He is everyone’s favorite, but last night he made an appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman to pay tribute to the man who is everyone’s favorite on late-night.

He has appeared on his show a number of times over the years and, like many other celebrities in recent weeks, he made an emotional return to say goodbye to the legendary host of The Late Show. He has been known for his goofy antics for a number of years and what better way to pay tribute to Letterman than by jumping out of a cake?

The sweet and emotional tribute from BIll Murray is just one of many from celebrities who want to see Letterman in his final days. The cake had “Goodbye Dave” written on it just as Tina Fey’s underwear did when she removed her dress on the show recently in tribute to the only man worth wearing a fancy dress for.

Bill Murray burst out of the cake in a fun sequence that saw him smearing cake on Dave’s face and he was even covered in cake throughout the interview. Everyone seems to want to show Letterman how special he is to them and Eddie Vedder appeared just the night before in order to give an emotional performance of Pearl Jam’s classic song “Better Man,” reiterating to everyone that Letterman truly is the better man.

Murray has had a long history with Letterman and has had a lot of fun appearances with the late-night host over the years. He was David Letterman’s first guest back in 1982 when he first became the host of NBC’s Late Night and then again in 1993 when he became the host of CBS’ The Late Show.

Bill Murray will likely be back to the set when Stephen Colbert takes over as the host, but both he and Letterman were filled with emotion during the appearance last night. David Letterman’s final show will air on Wednesday, May 20th, at 11:35 p.m. EST.

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