Bill Maher Wants A 4/20 National Holiday And His Reasons Make Sense


Bill Maher Campaigning for 420 National Holiday

Bill Maher is campaigning to create a national holiday for stoners. If the popular TV show gets his way, 4/20 will be celebrated as the national day of the stoner.

The Real Time host launched a petition on his Friday show asking to make 4/20 a holiday because it’s a better holiday than something that celebrates the “racist psychopath” Christopher Columbus.

Maher explains that 4/20 has a long and storied history which includes tradition, numerous songs, and millions of celebratory tokes from joints, bongs, pipes and vaporizers. 4/20 even has its own children’s book complete with Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg, and Woody Harrelson stopping by for a joint and a brownie while the police come over for a visit.

The petition is already nearing 11,000 signatures with a goal of 15,000.

President Obama has shown support for medical marijuana, but he has fallen short of throwing the Presidencies full support behind the pot movement. Marijuana isn’t legal throughout the United States at this time so for now Bill Maher is staring down nothing more than a pipe dream.

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