Did “Biggest Loser” Champ Go Too Far? Fans Concerned as Rachel Frederickson Drops 60% of Body Weight


The Biggest Loser is no stranger to controversy, but this time even veteran trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels seem troubled by the turn the show has taken. NBC’s long-running weight loss reality hit crowned a new winner — and stirred up some controversy on Twitter — durng Tuesday night’s finale.

Rachel Frederickson dropped 155 pounds, besting fellow contestants Bobby Saleem and David Brown for the $250,000 grand prize. Rachel, 24, started her weight loss journey nearly eight months ago, under the tutelage of trainer Dolvett Quince. She was 260 pounds. By last night’s season ender, Frederickson weighed in at 105 pounds, dropping 155 pounds and shedding almost 60 percent of her body weight.

Victory, however, has been short-lived for the voiceover artist from Los Angeles. Depending on who’s telling the story, Rachel may have taken the age-old New Year’s resolution to lose weight a wee bit too far.

She’s found herself under fire for being too thin, with many Loser fans voicing concern for her health across social media. Perhaps the most telling reaction to Rachel’s weight loss comes in the form of a screencap, which captured the look of utter alarm on Bob and Jillian’s faces as Rachel made her slimmed-down debut on stage.

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