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Big, Fat, Greek Sequel to ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ Released! [WATCH]


Everybody’s favorite Greek family is back in this brand-new trailer for My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, and you won’t guess who’s getting married this time.

The first trailer for the film penned by Nia Vardalos (Toula Portokalos) features all the same faces we’ve come to know and love since the original movie came out in 2002—as well as some fresh ones. In this sequel, Toula and Ian’s daughter Paris is all grown up and applying to colleges, and it’s Toula’s turn to ask, “Why you want to leave me?”

But the real twist this trailer shows is that there’s another wedding on the horizon: that of Toula’s parents, who discover by accident that the priest who officiated their wedding didn’t sign the paperwork. Upon learning that she was never really married, Maria Portokalos exclaims with excitment, “I’m a hippie!”

Returning to the cast are Nia Vardalos as Toula Portokalos-Miller, John Corbett as Ian Miller, Lainie Kazan as Maria Portokalos, Michael Constantine as Kostas “Gus” Portokalos, Andrea Martin as Aunt Voula, Joey Fatone as Cousin Angelo, Gia Carides as Cousin Nikki, and Louis Mandylor as Nick Portokalos. Also joining the cast are John Stamos, and Elena Kampouris as Paris Miller, Ian and Toula’s long-suffering Greek daughter.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 was teased a lot in the 14-year interim between this film and the last. In 2009, Vardalos claimed that she was working on a sequel that would be set in Greece. In 2012, she and John Corbett got together for the 10th anniversary edition, and it was then that they decided that they were all in for a sequel. Shortly after, Nia Vardalos put pen to paper, and next spring, we’ll get another fantastic Greek-American comedy.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 is set for release on March 25, 2016. It can’t come soon enough!

Lisa Lo Paro
Lisa is a freelance writer and bibliophile living on the outskirts of New York City. She likes 2 a.m. with a good book, takes cream in her coffee and heavily filters her photos. Check out her blog The Most Happy, her Instagram, and Twitter.

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