Bieber Fever Gets High Schoolers Suspended

Think your Bieber obsession has gotten you into serious trouble before? A group of high school students in The Empire State claim they were nearly suspended for wearing homemade Justin Bieber tees to school.

The girls attend Roosevelt High School in quiet Yonkers, New York. Scandal ensued last week after the shirts in question were deemed offensive and gang-related because they had “Bieber Krew” scrawled on them. We can’t really imagine a gang-affiliated thug loving a bit of “Baby” on their iPod, can you? But that’s exactly the reception the girls got after showing up at school with an Ode to Lord Biebs emblazoned across their backs. reports: “The girls say school security ordered them to remove the shirts or cover them up because they were ‘gang-related.’ The students say they were also threatened with suspension.”

Take this as a lesson, ‘Crunchers. Think about your next homemade Taylor Swift tee before flaunting it. It may just get you arrested.

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