Bieber Deposition Hits Speed Bump When Selena Gomez Gets In The Mix

In the unlikely event that we ever meet Justin Bieber, remind us to never ask him about the intimate details of his private life.

You know; what’s his favorite cereal, his favorite color, what he does for fun when he isn’t recklessly driving through the streets of Miami.

Oh! And remind us to never ask him about Selena Gomez.

Justin almost went totally Lou Ferrigno as The Incredible Hulk when quizzed about his sometime girlfriend during a four and a half hour videotaped deposition last month. The legal proceeding was part of an ongoing battle in a suit that accuses Bieber’s bodyguard of beating up a photographer in 2013.

The Biebs ran the gamut of emotions throughout the process, but seemed the most agitated when asked about Selena.

“Do you know Selena Gomez?” a attorney representing the photographer asked Bieber during the Feb. 7 deposition.

“Yes,” Justin replied curtly.

“You’ve been dating her at some point in time?” the lawyer continued.

Bieber shook his head in frustration as his lawyer hit back with:

“What’s relevant to that — why are you asking that question?”

“Because I’m allowed to,” the defense attorney retorted.

Justin spent much of the next two minutes repeating the phrase:

“Don’t ask me about her again.”

Interestingly enough, Bieber was spotted with Selena in the starlet’s native Texas over the weekend. Gasp! The on-again-off-again couple made serious waves in Texas, hanging out at a Starbucks, workin’ it at a dance studio and even kissing at a nearby restaurant.

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