Bidding War Breaks Out Over “Jennifer Lopez Sex Tape”

This is one steamy video “Jenny From The Block” doesn’t want to see shoot to the top of the charts. Jennifer Lopez’s first husband — the one former flame the star can’t seem to shake — has been given the judicial greenlight to release a mockumentary movie about the exes disastrous marriage, which Jennifer claims features decade-old footage of their honeymoon night sex romp.

Jennifer Lopez Wants Ex-Husbands Parody Movie Stopped

Ojani Noa, a chef and former model who was married to Lopez for less than 11 months in the late ’90s, is courting five-figure offers from a host of adult film companies after a judge threw out a lawsuit filed by Lopez and lifted a temporary restraining order banning distribution of his movie How I Married Jennifer Lopez: The JLo and Ojani Noa Story, loosely based on his life with the Selena star.

In her now-defunct $10 million suit, Jennifer alleged that the movie contains footage of sexual situations, including their time in a hotel room during their honeymoon back in 1997.

“I strongly believe … that the motion picture will contain false and defamatory comments about (me) and depictions of me and statements attributable to me that I never said…”

Noa denies that there’s any actual mattress mamboing going on in his film, but that hasn’t stopped the porn purveyors from calling.

“Red Light District,, and are all trying to top each other, with bids hovering in the $40,000 range…” wrote Thursday.

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