Beyonce Imposter Prank The Albertina Museum Austria


Poor Beyonce. First there was that whole eye-splitting “unedited board feed” hoopla and now Sasha Fierce is being raked over the coals for something it seems she had nothing to do with.

Apparently, there’s more to that “Beyonce Lookalike” story we told you about yesterday.

On Tuesday, The Albertina Museum in Austria received a call from someone who claimed to be Beyonce’s manager. The caller stated that the singing superstar was on her way to the museum for a visit.

“We have had Brad Pitt and Nicolas Cage visit here,” museum press officer Verena Dahlitz told PEOPLE. “So this was not big news for us – to have celebrities visit.”

Approximately 30 minutes later, a woman in wrap-around sunglasses stepped out of a limo. And that’s pretty much where the trouble started.

“She was too thin for Beyonce,” Dahlitz said. “I thought she had probably lost weight.”

Officials at The Albertina were later informed that the woman was, in fact, not Beyonce, but actually a look-a-like hired by local radio station Krona Hit Radio.

“We were fooled,” Dahlitz admits with a chuckle. “We must be the most important museum in Vienna… because they chose us!”

Okay — they couldn’t tell that that wasn’t Beyonce? I mean, really. The girl’s more convincing as Leona Lewis than Beyonce!

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