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The BeyHive Strikes Again: Mya Received Death Threats Over Rumored Affair with Jay Z


R&B beauty Mya really wishes she could shake those pesky rumors about her doing the Sideways Samba with Jay Z…especially now that “The Beygency” has put a hit out on her.

‘Memba when Beyoncé changed the lyrics to her 2006 song “Resentment” — from ‘Been ridin’ with you for six years. Why did I deserve to be treated this way by you?’ to ‘Been ridin’ with you for twelve years. Why did I deserve to be treated this way by you?’? The lyric change occurred shortly after Bey kicked off her “On the Run” summer stadium tour with husband Jay Z. More notably, however, the verse switcheroo fed amateur codecrackers’ long-held suspicion that all is not well in the House of Knowles-Carter.

With the Interwebs in a tizzy with chatter abound that Hov might actually be cheating on Queen Bey (Insert dropping jaw here), it was a mere nanosecond before old rumors about the rapper’s alleged dalliances with other divas began to resurface.

Which brings us to the saga of Mya.

The limber Grammy winner, now 34, was a Billboard force in the late ’90s and early aughts. She even collaborated with Jay Z on a remix of her 2001 single “Best of Me.” It was around that time that celebrity tattles began romantically-linking the talented pair.

If urban legend is to be believed, Mya’s dated/hooked up with a slew of rappers over the course of her 16 year career; among them Silkk tha Shocker, 50 Cent and Game. It wasn’t until last week, however, that the “All About Me” songstress finally responded to the decade-long gossip that she bedded Jay Z and the ensuing speculation that she may have “reconnected” (Hint, Nudge, Wink) with her “Big Pimpin” ex after his 2008 wedding to Beyoncé.

Mya had this to say in an Instagram exchange with a fan last week:

Mya felt compelled to clear her name after what she’d always chalked up to silly Internet gossip turned into a serious threat to safety. Her manager, Mike Killmon, told The New York Daily News Friday:

“Someone walked up and asked her about it while she was accepting an award at a church. At first it was just ridiculous, but then some die-hard fans start making threats. She really couldn’t care less about the rumors, but she wanted to set the record straight when the after-effects started to become troublesome.”

Damn you, BeyHive! TLC’s Chilli and singer Keyshia Cole join Mya has other high-profile victims of cyberbullying at the hands of an aggressive sect of Beyoncé’s fanbase.


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