Betty White Isn’t Going To Marine Corps Ball After All

They say “Ask and you will receive,” but despite receiving a video invitation from a rapping serviceman, Hollywood vet Betty White won’t be getting gussied up to be octogenarian eye candy at this year’s 2011 Marine Corps Ball after all.

Who knew it was so hard for Marines to get dates?

After Friends with Benefits stars Mila Kunis and Justing Timberlake agreed to accompany two Marines to formals, scheduled for November, Sgt. Ray Lewis invited the 89-year-old Hot in Cleveland star to accompany him to a Marine Corps Ball in Fayetteville, North Carolina this fall.

Unfortunately for Lewis, Betty’s jam-packed work schedule will keep her from lacing up her dancing shoes.

“I would like to take Betty White. She’s funny, she’s sweet, she’s mature, she’s the all-around perfect woman,” Lewis — who has completed tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq — said in a video posted to YouTube over the weekend. “Call me,” he added.

“I am deeply flattered and truly appreciate the invitation,” White said in a “Dear John” letter of sorts, issued publicly on Monday. “As everyone knows, I love a man in uniform … but unfortunately I cannot accept, as I will be taping an episode of ‘Hot in Cleveland.'”

She signed her statement: “Love, Betty White.”

Timberlake, 30, agreed last week to Corporal Kelsey De Santis’ YouTube invitation to a Nov. 12 Marine Corps Ball in Washington. Kunis, 27, had already agreed to attend the Marine Corps Ball in North Carolina on Nov. 18 with Sgt. Scott Moore — this after a video of him asking her to be his date went viral. On Monday, the Friends With Benefits co-stars appeared on NBC’s The TODAY Show, where they confirmed they would both be attending separate upcoming Marine Corps Balls and joked about the excitement surrounding the events.

“Marines have a lot of balls,” Kunis said.

“We want to pay honor to our country and embrace their balls,” Justin added.

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