Betty White ‘I’m Still Hot’ VIDEO Premiere [Ft. Luciana]

Betty White is still hot — and she has the lyric-spitting skills and beefcake servants to prove it.

Betty teamed up with techno-dance group Luciana for their new music video “I’m Still Hot.”
It’s filled with break dancing, muscle boys and a boa constrictor — all working for a good cause. Check out the clip to see the 89-year-old bustin’ out some rhymes, kinda dancing (nana-at-a-wedding-style),and sharing her homemade cheesecake with a bunch of shirtless buff dudes.

The former Golden Girl produced the collaboration to raise awareness for the Lifeline Program, “a life insurance settlement company that redefines the golden years and retirement for seniors and baby boomers.” “I’m Still Hot” is available for download on iTunes. A portion of the net proceeds will benefit the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association.

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