Beth Ditto Rips Katy Perry — Again


Sheesh — Beth Ditto wasn’t joking when she shot daggers at quirky hitmaker Katy Perry last month. The singing stars have been embroiled in a bitter feud ever since Beth blasted Katy for her Summer 2008 lezzie-lovin’ anthem, “I Kissed A Girl.” Katy later shot back with a diplomatic message instructing Beth to shut her piehole…Unfortunately for Katy, Beth does anything but in the new issue of Spinner.

“Honestly, I could care less if Katy Perry’s impressed with me,” Beth told the site this week.

The openly gay Beth says she’s still peeved over the implications of Katy’s breakout single.

“…As a gay person, it’s like, ‘Oh, of course this straight person singing about kissing a girl goes straight to Top 40 and people buy this record. Who can give a fuck about real gay people?’ That’s what’s really painful about the whole thing. That’s what makes me laugh about ‘I’m not impressed.’ It’s like, ‘Oh, that’s what you think? Of course, because you never thought about what a real gay person feels, and the impact that a song like that has on the gay world in a time of crucial civil rights.’ That’s just one of the examples of what the mainstream is thinking about queer culture, when actually, we are completely fighting for our rights right now.”

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