Benicio del Toro Lost Virginity At 13

Tina Fey made headlines for late blooming celebs last week, when the comedienne revealed that she was virgin until age 24. Well, meet one one star that didn’t carry his V-Card into his twenties. In a new interview with the November issue of Playboy, Puerto Rican actor Benicio del Toro reveals he lost his virginity at 13.

The 42-year-old Traffic star first became interested in the opposite sex as a toddler, and claims it was a natural progression for him to hit the sheets at such a young age.

“I remember liking girls in pre-kindergarten in Puerto Rico, when I was only three or four. I was about 13 when I lost my virginity, and that first experience was totally a nervous situation. It was in a house with someone I had known only a little bit. She was slightly older, and she’d done it before … I wasn’t exactly a natural, but it was good. …”

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