The Beach Boys Lip-Synching Scandal Down Under

We can add classic rock sunbathers The Beach Boys to the growing list of American stars earning a resounding chorus of booooos! from fans in The Outback.

Just months after Whitney Houston and Britney Spears were raked over the coals for poor performances Down Under, the “Barbara Ann” swooners are in hot water for allegedly lip-synching their way through a weekend performance at a music festival just outside Sydney, local reports claim. Australian festival goers claim The Beach Boys delivered anything but “Good Vibrations” at The Gold Coast 600’s Inaugural Concert on Saturday.

(Judge For Yourself. Click Here For a TODAY Show Australia Report On The Debacle…)

The popular fest has been rocked by claims that the headline act, best remembered for ’60s hits like “California Girls” and “Get Around,” mimed on-stage. Organizers insist it was a live performance, but that didn’t stop dozens of fans from walking out in disgust. The band, which includes founding member Mike Love, headlined the concert in conjunction with V8 Supercars in Queensland, playing to more than 20,000 devotees — many of which left the Southport Parklands arena well before the end of the show, incensed that the pop icons lip-synched during their set.

“The Beach Boys were a fraud, they were miming everything,” fumed one anger fan.

“You could tell they weren’t even singing, he was barely even moving,” said of Love.

Industry experts are unable to determine whether or not the performance was live.

We wonder if the lip-synching controversy will find its way into the upcoming Beach Boys movie? A biopic based on the band’s founding is currently in preproduction.

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