BBC’s Top Gear Comes To Abrupt Season End Following Jeremy Clarkson Suspension

Top Gear Petition to return Jeremy Clarkson

The BBC has canceled all remaining episodes in the current season of “Top Gear” following yesterday’s suspension of presenter Jeremy Clarkson.

The season, which includes three unaired episodes, “will not be transmitted” according to BBC News special correspondent Lucy Manning.

Clarkson was suspended after an allegation that he punched one of the show’s producers, Oisin Tymon, over a dispute about the lack of food after a long day of filming. Last week an investigation was scheduled to determine if there was any merit to the claim.

The network is not offering any further details at this time. A representative on Tuesday admitted only that a “fracas” with a produce may have occurred.

Top Gear fans have decided to stand behind the show’s host, creating a petition that demands his return. The petition has been signed by more than 350,000 viewers.

“Top Gear” is the world’s most widely watched factual television program with more than 350 million viewers in 214 territories worldwide.

Jeremy Clarkson Suspended

Given the shows popularity and the popularity of Jeremy Clarkson, the BBC could find itself without its star, perhaps when another network comes calling.

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