“Battleship” Trailer

Blockbusters don’t get any bigger than Battleship. The new big-budget spectacle takes the humble Hasbro naval combat game to the big screen for a sci-fi action adventure on an epic scale.

Directed and produced by Peter Berg (Hancock and The Kingdom), Battleship stars action superstar Liam Neeson and a who’s who of hot Hollywood up-and-comers: Taylor Kitsch (X-Men Origins: Wolverine), Alexander Skarsgard (Eric from True Blood), Brooklyn Decker (Just Go With It), and pop superstar Rihanna in her acting debut.
Battleship follows a heroic navel crew in combat with an invading alien force set on taking over the world. The action moves from the seas to the skies to the land in an explosive battle to save the earth against this superior force.

Battleship is in cinemas next year.

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