Barry Manilow Dying: Rep Denies Barry Manilow Ill

A publicist for singer Barry Manilow has blasted a tabloid report claiming the 65 year-old entertainment legend is sick and near death.

This week’s issue of The Globe features a photo of the frail-looking “Copacabana” star under a headline that reads: Barry Manilow Ill!

The Globe claims the gaunt Manilow is suffering from an undiagnosed disease that has sunk his six-foot frame down to just 100 pounds.

Barry’s rep denied the report in a lengthy statement to the press on Thursday:

“We just saw a pretty outrageous headline on one of the tabloids claiming that Barry is ill and down to 100 pounds. Granted, he’s pretty trim. But 1oo pounds? Give us a break. Even Mary Kate and Ashley [Olsen] weigh more than 100 pounds. And no… he’s not ill.

What he is…is rehearsing for his new show in Las Vegas, recording his new album, recording an original rock album. Putting together an arena show and sometimes even enjoying the beach.

By the way…we also saw a headline that said aliens had invaded Pomona. That headline, of course, is true.”

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