Barbara Walters To Elisabeth Hasselbeck: “Support President-Elect Obama Or Else!”

If Elisabeth Hasselbeck wants to keep her job as the lone conservative on ABC’s The View, she’ll keep her trap shut when it comes to President-Elect Barack Obama and his wife Michelle.

Tabloid insiders at The National Enquirer say the outspoken Hasselbeck, once a devoted supporter of Senator John McCain, has been forced to publicly support President-Elect Barack Obama’s forthcoming presidency by her boss Barbara Walters.

Babs is putting her foot down with Elisabeth amidst fears that the new First Family will boycott The View over Elisabeth’s constant catty remarks about The Obamas, including one made about Michelle Obama at a luncheon for Cindy McCain earlier this Fall.

“Unlike another wife of a political candidate who shall remain nameless, Cindy McCain had nothing to hide,” Elisabeth told the crowd of Mrs. Obama’s Summer 2008 guest appearance on the ABC daytime chat show.

The Enquirer spy whispers, “Barbara told her that if Michelle never appeared on the show again, it would be her fault…She told Elisabeth she better declare on-air that she supports the country’s pick.”

“It took all of Elisabeth’s might just to say she’d support Obama.”

In addition to zipping her lips about the President-Elect, Barbara is also demanding that the blonde Republican to send Michelle a letter of apology.

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